Alan Wake 2 will be released only in digital format, because it will give Remedy “more time for polishing”

As we learned in May from the FAQ, provided by the Remedy developer, the game Alan Wake 2 will be released only in digital format when it enters the market on October 17 of this year, and the physical release on the disk at that time "Not planned".

This, of course, caused some concern among some fans, since digital downloads create problems as while preserving games, as evidenced by the closure of the Nintendo 3DS ESHOP in March of this year, and with property rights, an example of which the infamous horror is PT.

In a conversation with Eurogamer at Summer Games Fest at the beginning of this month, the creative director of Alan Wake 2 Sam Lake and the game director Kyle Rowley spoke a little more about the reasons for the game’s release only in digital format, explaining that in fact This was done in order to give Remedy more time to finish the game to an acceptable level – what the publisher of Epic Games agreed with which.

"Yes, this is only a digital version, and we came to this idea, both from the point of view of Remedy and from the point of view of EPIC, this is our current opinion. We just felt that it makes sense, and time was chosen correctly", – Lake explained, after which Rowley told a little more details.

"As creative workers, it is obvious that the transition only to the digital format allows us to get more time to polish the game", – Rowley said. "For example, a significant number of weeks. Because otherwise the game that will be released on the disk obviously should be playable without a patch".

We did not want to release something that we are not proud of, and what we would not want to play players. So, I hope this way we can give you the best version of the game.

This is a slightly different reason than the one that was indicated in the original FAQ, which stated that the transition to the digital edition would help reduce the price of the game.