New Trailer Expansion Beyond the Dawn for Tales of Arise talks about new quests

Bandai Namco has released a new Tales of Arise Extension Trailer “Beond the Dawn”, which presents some new additional quests that players can experience. The description of the trailer says: “”Test many new additional quests, exploring the world after Tales of Arise, and help restore the lives of united people“. Tales of Arise is available

The restart of Saints Row was planned as the heir to the second part, but Deep Silver intervened in the development of the game

The storyline of the adventure action with the open world of Saints Row (2022), created by Deep Silver and Volition, supposedly had a different tonality until Deep Silver intervened. YouTuber Flippy claims that the initially Volition planned to make the plot of Saints Row (2022) more similar to Saints Row 2.5, but the publisher of

Ghost of Tsushima budget amounted to only $ 60 million

Ghost of Tsushima was the most ambitious Sucker Punch Production project, which required more than six years of work from the studio. The Japanese adventure was released three years ago and received many positive reviews, including a beautiful open world. She also inspired other studios to study the Japanese setting for the Western audience. Thanks

The announcement of the Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: TurboCharged racing arcade took place

The Billbil-Kun insider was right again: Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: TurboCharged already officially on the horizon. In the announcement of Mattel and the developer Milestone, the details of the new game were presented, as well as the cinematic trailer and the release date for consoles and PC – October 19, 2023. Milestone stated that Hot

BYTEDANCE, the creator of Tiktok, is going to abandon the game business, but the authors of Marvel Snap reassured fans

The well -known collectible card game Marvel Snap issued a statement designed to reassure worried players after it became known that her publisher was waiting for serious troubles. According to Reuters, Bytedance, the creator of Tiktok, plans to curtail its Nuverse gaming brand and move away from the main video games, and also seeks ways

The creators of Frostpunk 2 praised AMD FSR 3

The long -awaited FSR 3 technology with AMD Frame Generation has just debuted, but already managed to get a high rating from leading games developers – including from developers of the upcoming Frostpunk 2, namely from 11 bit studios. At the end of the presentation of the press for the press, where the sequel was