BYTEDANCE, the creator of Tiktok, is going to abandon the game business, but the authors of Marvel Snap reassured fans

The well -known collectible card game Marvel Snap issued a statement designed to reassure worried players after it became known that her publisher was waiting for serious troubles.

According to Reuters, Bytedance, the creator of Tiktok, plans to curtail its Nuverse gaming brand and move away from the main video games, and also seeks ways to sell advanced games. These include Marvel Snap, a game of superheroes from the developer Second Dinner, which was launched in 2022. Nuverse is publishing Marvel Snap on mobile and personal computers.

According to Reuters, today ByTedance will inform employees about the need to stop working on not yet released games by December and will look for ways to get rid of already neglected games. According to Reuters, this solution will probably affect "Hundreds" employees. Of course, on Monday, TechCrunch said that the dismissal has already begun, although it is currently unclear how many people will be affected.

Nuverse was created only in 2019 and was considered as part of the large -budget attempt by ByTedance to enter the video game market. Reuters reported that Nuverse was not successful enough, and Marvel Snap "gained cult popularity, but did not become a commercial hit".

Now on the Twitter of the official Marvel Snap account there is a message about this. "Some of our players expressed their concern in connection with reports on structural changes in Nuverse", – It is said in the statement. "We want to thank you for the anxiety and assure you that regardless of any changes in Nuverse, Snap will continue to work and prosper in the future!"

It is unclear what exactly means "Continue to work and prosper in the future", But if ByTedance plans to sell the game, then perhaps she will find a house from another publisher.

Second Dinner was founded by the former director of Hearthstone Ben Broud and Blizzard Veteran Hamilton Chu back in 2019. Other BLIZZARD team members on Hearthstone have joined the work on the Marvel Snap game, which is published as part of a partnership with Marvel and Nuverse publisher.