The creators of Frostpunk 2 praised AMD FSR 3

The long -awaited FSR 3 technology with AMD Frame Generation has just debuted, but already managed to get a high rating from leading games developers – including from developers of the upcoming Frostpunk 2, namely from 11 bit studios.

At the end of the presentation of the press for the press, where the sequel was shown, specialists from the Polish studio gave an interview to the WCCFTECH portal, from which some details regarding the use of AMD technologies. According to the developers, this technology will help perfectly during the flight of the camera over overflowing people in the city.

Implementing FSR 3 in the game was very simple. Everything worked from the very beginning. We like her a lot. It’s really amazing.

It significantly improves quality and especially useful for a city that you just saw at the presentation – with a large number of details, and these are not just large plans of individual buildings, but a view of the city turmoil. FSR just helped us to highlight these details and increase the clarity of the image.

Frostpunk 2 should go to a PC in the first half of next year. It is possible that on the day of the release it will be available by subscription Game Pass. Moreover, FSR 3 will appear in another coming game from the 11 BIT studio, namely in space The Alters.

As for the FSR 3 technology itself, despite the fact that, according to AMD, the list of officially supported cards begins with the NVIDIA RTX 2XXX and Radeon RX 5700 and higher series, the famous Daniel Owen YouTuber proved that it works on cards such as such as GTX 1060. Thanks to this and several other compromises, he was able to get 60-80 frames/s on this GPU in the Immortals of Aveum power power (in resolution of 1080p).

However, it is worth immediately clarify that the GTX 1xxx line does not work in the best way with asynchronous calculations on which FSR 3 technology is based, so you should not expect some miracles from them.