Sapkovsky said that the “witcher” was never connected with Slavic mythology directly

Last week, the author of the “Witcher” Andrzej Sapkovsky confirmed that he was working on a new novel in the famous fantasy series, putting the end of a ten -year -old “Bezrybya” for fans of his work.

According to the translation of the interview Reddit, Sapkovsky decided to argue with that half the public, which from something believe that the world of the Witcher is inspired by Slavic mythology. The writer emphasized that when writing a series of stories, he drew inspiration from different eras and cultures – for example, the history of the Roman Empire inspired him to create a Nilfhaard empire.

Slavic mythology goes back to the ancient Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe. This group actually covers a significantly larger number of countries than you think, including UK, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and many others.

Games based on the CD Projekt Red studio are especially based on a typical medieval European setting, and therefore it could be assumed that they may include Slavic motifs.

This is what, the greedy and corrupt pan Sapek hints that for additional loot he will tear off the book Persians, redeeming them in Gutalina?

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Everyone is so fond of mentioning the greed of the venality of Pan Andrzej, even forgetting that his son got sick, which is why Sapkovsky tried to shake off the dough from the edges. It did not help – the son died, but thousands of fuel Viktors continue to write that the pikes are Zaduralso and wants more dough

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J. TO. Rowling was canceled, now the time to throw Pan Sapkovsky from the history of the Witcher! forward sisters with members, we believe in you!

NILFs are more similar to the Reich, we are the top race and all the rest is stupid slaves.

And the fact that half of all monsters is taken from Slavic mythology is so trifle, sclerosis or something began

They don’t have this. NILFs are much more tolerant than northerners. Similarity with Germany for the most part merit of the game.

Nilphs were written from Hungary of the 15th century during the reign of King Matvey Corvinus – the army in black armor and others. Demons.

So tolerant that the population of the northern countries exterminated and the northerners united almost for the first time against a common enemy.

Just so exterminated?

You can’t remind you where in Slavic mythology of scolopendromorphs?

Well, for the sake of the sake of games even more Slavic folklore than in books. Books are quite a classic European fantasy with a bunch of borrowings and prototypes. Not without the notes of the East European color of course, but from the Slavic there are only the names of some monsters, which in 1 out of 10 out of 10 have something in common with the usual images. So Lorno, this is a hodgepodge made of different folklore, which does not claim to be a great depth and thoughtfulness.

But there are not only monsters, there are quite Slavic or such names of the heroes – Radovid, Vesemir, Velerd, etc.P. – and the names of cities and areas – Novigrad, Vyzima, Tretyor, Lukomorye, Golopolie.D.

So and where are the names of cities and names to Slavic mythology or folklore as such? The author of the Pole and naturally the same north has many names, names and titles of the Slavs characteristic of Eastern Europe, but such parallels do not go further than names. In the best case, images are a hodgepodge from different cultures and a little gag. Yes, and not alone, they are one, there is an obviously haircut for the Scandinavian peoples, Nille and Bocler Western Europe, mostly Spain and Italy. And all this is united by the simple fact that ties with real cultures, this has a meager. Even in comparison with the world of Tolkien, where inspiration by other cultures is more difficult to track, but with proper analysis you can conduct a large number of parallels.

Forget, you won’t prove anything to them. They drove into their heads that the Witcher is precisely the Slavic fantasy and that’s it.

Pan Sapkovsky just wants to fill himself with a bigger audience for future books.

Witcher’s real Polish fantasy. Conveys a mixture of Western and Slavic culture characteristic of this country. Due to the lack of strong work in "Slavic" world, many want to bring it into a wide framework, but not there.

So this is the base. Whoever claimed that the Witcher is purely Slavic fantasy, you are still here?

Witcher is a purely Slavic fantasy. For me even the canon of it. It is at least so convenient to designate, nevertheless it differs from classical fantasy. It is its stem, but just say that it is a banter over the fantasy will not be correct either

Frantically looking for manuals in the spirit "The ancient Slavs wore hair rims and Geralt also wore a shah and Mat Ryaya".

The ancient Slavs did not wear hair rim?

They wore, probably, but to consider this to be proof of the Slavs of the Bomzhak, it is how to prove that since Pichushkin was ate cucumbers, it means that cucumbers make a serial maniac.

It is extremely funny to read the comments of those who, with foam at the mouth, are trying to prove that there is nothing Slavic in a witcher. You, in general, even know who the Slavs are? The Slavs include Englishs, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats, Macedonians, Slovenes, Montenegrins, and this is not all peoples. Yes, and you clearly forget that Sapkovsky himself called the Witcher "Slavic fantasy". Grandfather is now trying to draw attention to such statements. You are far from the first to try to change history, but you, like others, will not work

"Sapkovsky himself called the Witcher "Slavic fantasy"" There are proofs?

You have not attributed the Germans and French to the Slavs?

Check his interview

I asked a question, but did not ask for direction.

There was always a persistent feeling that those who were yelling, that the witcher is Slavic fantasy, are simply not familiar with the original source. Well, or give out what is desired.

Fantasy, in principle, is such a genre that is not based on some national folklore. But the witcher is a special case, the basis of him is the fantasy, which he is a stalk, and the filling of Slavic-monsters is stuffed with a basilisk or mermaid are not found in classical fantasy. And it turns out that this is a Slavic view of a classic fantasy given that the author himself Pole himself

These are shisiki from the CIS current screaming, only because they themselves were fantasized and try to give out for the truth

For example, if you take all the parts of the witcher’s game, I will try to list: gobly, midday, midnight, water, mermaids, mocks (drias, nun), brownies, wolves, instruments, descending. From runes: rune of the god Svarog, god Perun, God Veles, Dazhbog, Stribog, Chernobog, Morn, goddess Devan. Here you are – almost the whole world knows our generic Slavic ancestors of the bright gods, the creatures of the world and the spirits of the keepers, since after the series of games they have already been studied and read and studied our ancient Slavic culture and folklore . And the non -volatile – there is armor and cities in the European medieval style, in and everything.

"a basilisk or mermaid is not found in classic fantasy" Then Harry Potter also has a Slavic look at the classic fantasy))))

Sapkovsky is for the most part staring, which is trying to pass it off for something serious. Runny stone Pie and rune stone cottage cheese, I hope they remember?

In my opinion, my grandfather with age began to leak (

What is it expressed?

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it’s me dumb? You said nothing but an insult, instead of writing the reasons why you think so. The conclusion is obvious.

The fact that he began to change his mind is that he is changing his statements. He wrote one of the most famous Slavic fantasy series, and now he says that it is not such, although there are a lot of Slavic mythology in the names of monsters.

That’s exactly! He wrote! So only to him alone and decide what exactly he wrote! if he decided that this is not Slavic fantasy, then it is so to be. if tomorrow he decides otherwise, then we will proceed from the new introductory. not fans to tell the author what his creation should be! your business is to accept what you are given either to ignore it and pass by this work. There is no third.

He will say anything by the coin.

And? Do you care? not you created this universe not to you and argue about it and say what it is. as her author said so it is.

Well, the meaning? One of the reasons for the popularity of the Witcher is that this is not another European fantasy, but Slavic. Not, he can do and say anything, but what is the meaning, what goal he achieves with this statement?

Lord, how do these indoor fanatics are bombing, but?! From the fact that you are stretched here, Sapkovsky will not change the decision. If he said that his universe is not his Slavic, then just humble yourself with this and live on. Your opinion was not asked about it! and argue with the author of this universe you have no right. Either accept this and live on, or simply do not pay attention to this universe and go past it! your own "FI" Leave it to you.

I look at you bombing that I will bomb others for this news, I would advise you not to pay attention to the natural order of things, there will always be people who will think about one or another news, but the tag people who will think the very opposite. I am so "I like it" Similar articles that who is the one where in an interview said to someone from which people are in the comments of the discussion "kilometer" On the topic, is the Witcher’s universe really associated with Slavic folklore or not, the authors of these articles would be the Malmansky source, preferably the original indicated, so that it would be at least a little to understand that this is not the fantasy of the authors of the articles themselves. And as before Pan Sapkovsky, he has long had a stigma in a cannon and it is not surprising that he could say so to please the Western world, but this is his personal sexual difficulties. So there is nothing surprising, people are discussing with other people sometimes very persistent and fanatical topics that are interesting to them, and to condemn them for certain statements is pointless, but not prohibited))). All beaver!

I looked at the poster and thought: "Eh, if Geralt by default in the game could immediately wear a cloak. And 1 sword, not 2. But wait a ka! O_o on a poster Geralt fingers in the sign is not kept by the canon".

According to the canon, Geralt has clever fingers, and it is not so easy to fold signs (if anyone remembers one dialog in which Ciri complained that it is difficult to add signs).

Urgently need to be omitted traces.

What I was talking about literally every moron who proved to me that "Witcher Et Schovolyanski Fentazi".

And so this is an ordinary hodgepodge, stained a little from everywhere, from the Bible to the myths about King Arthur.

That’s right, I absolutely agree with you. There is a tagger from everywhere. But still, the main emphasis in the books was on Western, Northern and Central Europe. Elves, Krasnoluda, Vampires, Mages, Residents of the Server Islands. Here in the games a little Slavic folklore has already been added, most in the third witcher.

He said this in his native Polish, which is a distorted Slavic? I personally don’t care whose mythology is there, but the fact is that only the first two books were truly good, which directly borrowed the plots of folk tales. As soon as the pan was deigned to start inventing something of its own, the books turned into a mediocre fiction, inspired, rather, Hollywood than mythology. And his last products, like a season of thunderstorms or a cycle about Reinevan, are generally boring.

"The distorted Slavic" – What is the Slavic language basic and clean for you?

Why are you all so furious? Well, the witcher is not Slavic, so what, you think you have found a problem. There will soon be unrest. There, the Slavs and scrapees will be carried by a mile away.))

It always seemed to me that Nilfgaard was a Commonwealth, who are talking to "Senior speech" And they are "Center for Culture" . And the Nordling – the same "Wild and illiterate Englishs". And so yes, the witcher is European fantasy, the same Aronts a reference to King Arthur

It is strange of course analogy, at least I do not think that the Poles would understand that the Niflardians are Poles. In games, they show themselves differently. Maybe, but in a broader way I see that the North is just all Slavic states, Slovakia, Serbia, Poland, UK and others, which are actually cold to each other, are not very collected, and the Nilfhard Empire is Germany, which is Germany, which is that Normally she patted the Slavs. Here they are just descendants " older blood".

Brazyatina. NILF – inspired by the Germans. There, they had a sacred Roman Empire in their territory, and PUK, which drew to everyone, especially in the 19th century. And this can be traced: the NILFs seem accurate, pragmatic, prudent. The Commonwealth is, she is Poland, they look more like a red. They have similar coats. And the Redants are one of the most proud Nordling, especially the period of Radovida 5, at least it seems like that.

You both discuss games, not books. There are no special allusions in the books neither in Germany, nor Poland, nor even Rus. This is the most impersonal medieval central Europe. Which was similar to Rus’ a little less than nothing.

Now to say that UK is a Slavic state)) This is a multinational federation, where the vast majority of the republics have nothing to do with the Slavs. It is like saying that the United States is an Indian state)

Typical Europe of the 14th century

The commentators of books did not read and Kukarika as a carbon income is an abstraction, from the non -FLLLLIS, which produced by the producers of the failure, degradant series and a corrupt writer, who will sell the mother for the sake of an extra coin. He will say anything to cut money. Ugh.

and what cares what the author does with his universe? what does it want to do it and does it. not for you and anyone else, to tell him what should be with his works!

When I read books and played the game, there was no feeling that it was Slavic mythology. Only in some places in the game itself and that little things. The second part of the game does not cause any associations at all. And I will ask the Slavs not to specify by modern geography. It was a long time ago let it remain in the original.

Grandfather forgot to drink pills?

You will tell the grandfather to tell the grandfather what he had to introduce? Or what is your stuffing at all?

The author of the Witcher universe is probably better to know whether Slavic is fantasy or not Slavic. If the pan said that it is not Slavic, then it is so. It’s already funny when people deny this fact.

Well, to be honest, I never perceived the Witcher by the Slavic game, film, book. The entire Setting of the Witcher in fact is very west-European medieval. And even if you look at least at the design of fortresses and cities in games about the Witcher, then you will also notice that all cities look too European. In any place there is no Slavic fantasy here. And there is no need to try to deny this, because ultimately the author of the witcher knows better. The world of the Witcher is a typical cruel medieval Europe, in which the highest races fight against the so -called lower.

NILFGAAD – In fact, this is the Reich, who considers everyone else the lower beings, and the NILFs are convinced that they have the right to rule everyone. Elves and Krasnoyuds in fact an analogue of red -skinned Indians or slaves from Africa, India, China, etc.D., which people were not considered to be in medieval Europe (they robbed everyone freely, they were equipped with campaigns for this, etc.D.). Temeria is a semblance of medieval France, which is neither fish nor meat. Redania is very reminiscent of cruel medieval Poland, which at all times was very cunning and insidious, and constantly tried to pull off a piece of territories from neighboring states. No matter how you look, the whole witcher is purely European fantasy. Or even the national team of folklore of different peoples, but mostly European.