All additional levels that will appear in The Last of US 2 Remastered became known

The expected updated version of The Last of US: Part 2 for the new generation of the PlayStation 5 console will be released at the beginning of this year and will bring serious innovations to the original game. In the database of the PlayStation Store digital store, an official page of the game has appeared today, which reveals more information about its contents. There it was possible to detect the names of all additional levels that will appear in the remaster.

New levels in The Last of US 2 Remastered:

  • Sewers
  • Jackson Party
  • Boar Hunt

In addition, its official characteristics appeared on the game page. It was reported that The Last of US 2 Remastered was created for PS5, where each aspect of the original version for PS4 was improved. Visual performance now includes a 4K1 Native terminal in the Fidelity Mode mode, APSKayling 1440P up to 4K in Performance Mode mode, as well as the Unlocked Framerate for TVs supporting VRR. The Last of US Part II Remastered also improved load time, which will allow you to immediately return to the game process. A descriptive sound and speech transmission with vibration are also added to the set of available functions The Last of Part II Remastered.

No Return – Roguelike survival mode:

Experience deep fighting in a completely new mode! Survive for as long as possible, choosing your path through a series of randomized clashes with various opponents and memorable places from The Last of US Part II, which ends with intense battles with bosses. Unique gameplay modifiers can offer new and unexpected trials, since you will fight for success – and survival – in many different types of clashes. Play for various characters, including those who have never previously played Dina, Jesse, Leo, Tommy and others, each of which has unique features and offers various styles of the game. As you go through the game, open costumes for them that can be used in mode.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in this mode there will be 12 different levels.