Warframe developer shared plans for the near future

Digital EXTREMES held an exclusive TennoCon 2023 event for the press, where Warframe and Soulframe were represented.

This year Warframe marks ten years. Users will receive a limited number of Heirloom Collection collections: unique skins for Frost and Mag, designed by the original art director Michael Brennan (aka MYNKI), and a completely new class of cosmetic customization – Signa, designed for helmets.

But the most important thing is the roadmap of future updates. The first in October will be Abyss of Dagath, in which the 54th Warframe will appear, new weapons, seasonal content on Halloween, as well as several improvements, including processing a companion that will eliminate permanent death.

A large update is called Whispers in the Walls. It is planned that it will be released in the winter season and will launch a new epic narrative in the game, in which a cinematic storyline answers the questions that arise among the players from the very beginning.

The update will add a Hab-extension of Nekralisk to the game, where the players, in fact, will find abandoned Entrati laboratories with new game modes, new enemies and new fractions. The developers confirmed the presence of a new syndicate, new battles with bosses and new merchants. They compared the update with Angels of the Zariman, although the tone of the game will be completely different.

One of the main forces that will have to be faced are non -hummeuhs who will receive new units, both distant and close combat. Digital Extreme has chosen this fraction, because it was not important to use Greener or Corps here. In addition, they are a hybrid between these two fractions, having access to both energy abilities, such as Amy and weapons. In any case, the fighting with the Nekmekhi will become more affordable, but the players will not receive new necromes.

A new secondary weapon was also shown in the demonstration video: "Grimaoire" – a book that transfers the energy of emptiness and has alternative fire. This weapon can be modified, like other types of weapons. The developers even added interaction with the environment: it will be possible to shoot in bottles by causing damage to the nearest opponents.

In the Whispers in the Walls update, new global Illumination -based lighting will also appear.

At the end of this year, Warframe users can also expect the appearance of the long-awaited function: cross-preservation. There is no exact time of appearance yet, but it will finally come.

But this does not mean that 2024 looks less interesting due to the confirmation that Warframe Mobile is already on the way. Digital Extremees intends to offer the same experience as on PC and consoles. IOS users can already register here.

In addition, Digital Extreme plans to release a large update called Warframe next year: 1999. It will transfer the players to the very beginning of the game, will focus on the classic Hack-And-Slash, will allow you to find out who Arthur is in the original Excalibur suit, and also boasts of a licensed composition from Nine Inch Nails.