The producer of Final Fantasy 16 explained the statement of refusing the numbering in the names of future franchise games

The producer of Final Fantasy 16 explains his previous statement that the franchise can abandon numbered names in future parts.

In a previous interview given in May, the producer of Final Fantasy 16 suggested that in the future the Final Fantasy series can abandon numbered parts. It was reported that he discussed the possibility of abandoning numbered parts for future games with Square Enix, although this would not be in his power. The interview also said that he understands why the numbering can confuse beginner fans who might think that they need to play other games to start the next. Essida recently spoke with an explanation that this is not what he said in an interview.

The producer of Final Fantasy 16 claims that he did not say that he wants to remove the numbers, although the journalists suggested the opposite. Yoshida says he was asked if he had thought to remove the figure "16" from the name of the game, and claims that he already had such a conversation. However, this was twisted into the idea that he wants to remove them from future games, which is not true.

Yoshida further explained, saying that if Final Fantasy removes his number from the names, then they can be mistaken for a completely different game or spin-off of a long-playing franchise, which are already a lot. Therefore, he believes that it makes no sense to delete the numbers from the Final Fantasy games.

In addition, Yoshida claims that the fans themselves are also very attached to the Final Fantasy heritage, and the numbers are also important for the identity of each game. He believes that it would be too difficult to remove the numbering from the main games, so there is a figure in the title of this game "16". He also could not recall many game franchises with so many numbers in the names, and The King of Fighters franchise is the only one that he could remember that has reached the same high numbers as Final Fantasy. He was amused that in the first messages his words were distorted, but he was glad to clarify the situation.