Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 released with new content and opportunities on the eve of the Free Fly event

Today, Cloud Imperium Games has released a new large update for Star Citizen, which brought new content and possibilities.

Update under number 3.19 and name "Call to adventure" It turns out just two days before the start of Invictus Launch Week 2953, one of the largest events for Star Citizen fans. The new update includes:

  • PVP event in a ghost

Deep in the wild microtechnology are the destructive remains of the settlement of criminals, which was once used to fake loans. And, if the rumors are true, it works again. Take the cold and leave the civilization behind in the pursuit of the generosity of the ghostly hollow. Just be careful, competition for control of credit terminals may be encouraged.

  • New restoration of components

It became even easier to disassemble the wreckage of ships due to the function of salvation of the components. Now you can use a manual traction beam to remove intact engines, power plants and much more from abandoned ships and use them again or hand over them to scrap metal to profit. This initial version also lays the basis for moving and placing goods using ship turrets, which is planned to be done in the nearest patch.

  • New Mission to Salvation

Make a career, saving destroyed or abandoned transports around the world with the help of new rescue missions. Do you play according to the rules and take only what belongs to you, whether you risk everything for the sake of vulnerable cargo or penetrate the safe space to pick up everything you can – in Salvage you can earn serious money.

  • Updating stability and constancy

Alpha 3.19 includes countless backend updates, which will be useful to everyone who explores the universe. You can expect an increase in stability, more predictable preservation of objects and more smooth general experience from the moment of entering Stents.

  • Improved experience of new players

Star Citizen is a wonderful overgrown universe full of miracles, adventures and actions. However, taking the first steps in life in the 30th century, new residents can feel depressed. Therefore, starting with the version of Alpha 3.19, a completely new mission with a guide will welcome new players, showing them how to move, use Mobiglas and manage the ship in the atmosphere and space.

  • Modernization of the city of Lorville

Jump to Herston and take a course on the industrial city of Lorville – a brutal monster located among the remnants of long -abandoned mines and landfills for testing weapons. One of the very first planetary locations of Star Citizen, Lorville underwent great restructuring: a completely new layout, updated buildings and a sense of scale that you need to see to believe.

  • Improving mining

Alpha 3.19 represents a significantly improved experience in mining for both single and multicemannic players, including a new user interface that provides more clear and detailed information about progress, risks and much more. With updates of tools, ore deposits, processing and sales, miners should now travel through the system in order to get the maximum return on investments and accept additional risks and rewards that they can bring.

Invictus launch week, which will begin on May 19 and end on May 30, will be accompanied by an event Free Fly, which will allow players to try the game without spending money throughout the time of the event, as well as get the opportunity to play on most ships available in the game.

Meanwhile, the Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign exceeded $ 570 million ($ 570 352 569 at the moment). The number of registered accounts is 4 578 551.