Monolith Nemesis system can be used in future Games about Harry Potter and Mortal Kombat

System "Nemesis" From Monolith Productions, it may appear in future games about Harry Potter and Mortal Kombat. This became known from the announcement on the website Warner Bros. Discovery about finding a design director in WB Games, which will help the company introduce various systems from a wide list of games into the upcoming games of the Mortal Kombat, LEGO and Harry Potter series.

The Nemesis system was presented in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor in 2014 and became one of the main reasons for the success of the game. She also appeared in the 2017 sequel, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, which has become another hit for Monolith. This system mainly provided players with a unique game experience based on their actions and interaction with the NPC in the game. Thanks to this system, the players received a unique set of dialogs and a reminder of the previously made choice, which was revolutionary in the industry. Now, with the advent of this vacancy, Warner Bros. Discovery, perhaps, will finally want to embed her in his future games.

The vacancy announcement mentions that WB Games studios, mainly Rocksteady, Avalanche and Monolith, have "Unique technical advantages" thanks to various systems that they built.

We are looking for a person who will take these strategic systems and unite them with Unreal Engine 5 to create the basis for the next generation of games in the DC universe, for games in the Harry Potter universe, for LEGO and Mortal Kombat games.

This means that Warner Bros may be ready to introduce the Nemes system into other games after it has patented it in 2021.

Initial patent for the system "Nemesis" was submitted back in 2015, but after numerous failures it was approved only in 2021. Given that Warner Bros. Discovery will pay the necessary contributions, she will be able to own a patent until 2035; However, the system was not used in any game after Shadow of War. With this announcement about the vacancy, it seems that Warner Bros. Discovery is looking for suitable games for its implementation, and perhaps ultimately it will be used in one of the upcoming games Mortal Kombat, Harry Potter or Lego.

One of the games in which, as confirmed, the system will be used "Nemesis", The upcoming game Wonder Woman from Monolith, which was announced at The Game Awards in 2021.