A new gameplay roller of the Life by You life simulator is presented

Paradox Tectonic has released an extensive gameplay video of its Life by You, promising competitor to The Sims from EA.

The video shows practically "raw" gameplay performed by the head of the studio of the Khambla clan. Ten years ago, he worked in Electronic ATS, where ultimately he became the head of the whole direction of The Sims, with him his beloved fans of The Sims 3 came out, and then he went to Linden Lab, where he worked on Second Life.

The gameplay demonstrates the creation of a character, as well as, in fact, one day from the life of several characters – between work and hobbies.

In addition, we see hidden treasures – small caches where you can find ancient objects that are claimed to be related to craftsmen, and we have yet to see this function.

The game Life by You will get into early access for PC on March 5, 2024.

It looks like 2006 games with Bloom Effect or HDR.

And there is also paralyphs. But only why, if there is still a sims? It seems to me that such simulators should have either their own highlight or exclude all the mistakes and shortcomings of the Sims series. Otherwise it makes no sense to change the awl for soap

The first mods that will be released for this game –

What can I say. The video was boring, but it seems that it was not the fault of the Hambla clan. Several times (in the most interesting places) he mentioned that the development team forbade him to show certain aspects of the game, t.To. They will be shown later in separate videos.

Now about what was shown.

The color circle of Sims 3 returned, that’s good.

The quality of the graphics, textures, brakes, bugs is the norm for alpha version, it is clear that the work is still not the edge. A vacuum cleaner hanging in the air smiled there, well, this is so, bugs of the early version of the game

Men do not want to work autonomously, the girl at work was protected all day. Well, nothing new, the autonomy in Sims was always strange – they tried to balance it so that the Sims did not engage in the dangerous or changing their status themselves, but in the end everything looked like the sims were suffering.

In the bar, as always, is full of people. Sims have always been autonomous most of all and loved to drink, trouble for all parts of Sims is straight, well, about autonomy and why it is written above, it is written above.

I want to note that the animation of movements is slow for me. I would like to immediately put on acceleration, but, given the poor performance of the game even at the first speed, it is unlikely that it will work out.

It was unpleasantly surprised that dirty plates, linen after the bathroom, garbage do not immediately fold into the sink/basket for linen/urn, and. In inventory. And it does not look in the best way.

Tired of the empty ones "posts" on the right side of the screen. After 5 minutes I wanted to turn them off. The main thing is that they do not carry any semantic load, the self-confidence in themselves, about the fact that someone will relax and t.D. Figina, in short.

All in all, work for developments – no edge. This is for those who are too lazy to read everything else.