Dragon Age fans were hungry for information and build their expectations

BioWare has been promoting to share a lot of information from their upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf game, but since the game that has been held on The Game Awards 2020, we have never received anything other than the official name, one of the possible places of action and antagonist.

The last news directly related to the game was dated February 2023. The news was Bioware Community Update, in which the system designer Luke Barrett spoke about the process of creating UX for the Tree of Skills.

The fans are tired of waiting for new information and divided into two camps: some in the wave of hype, all kinds of at least small grains of information and plums are constantly monitored, while others were already desperate to see the game in 2023.

Against the background of the Gamescom 2023, the Reddit OnlygrayCellleft user created a thread in which fans expressed their opinion on the possibility of information at the exhibition.

Hi guys,
Did not follow [the game] lately. Are we waiting for any infeadwolf info during Gamescom or not? If the game was in alpha once a long time, we must already get several pieces of information soon.
Thank you!

In response, the community expressed several interesting assumptions, but for the most part came together in one thing: you should not wait for the game at the exhibition.

BioWare is not declared, so no, nothing. I believe that we will get something in this December.
Or not. Maybe they will just give us the third "Hey, you knew that SOLAS?? Bad guy??" trailer.

Absolutely not.
I would recommend an incredibly affordable white clown face paint from Ben Nye to everyone who expects another.
– Jazzajazzjazz

Yes, they will release the game to sell stores on the same day with all DLC and free for everyone and with the button "Click to complete the game"
– Nostravinci04

It seems that BioWare is really worth a hurry, otherwise the degree of sarcasm among the community can cross all boundaries.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has no official release date and confirmed platforms. According to rumors, the game should wait after April 2024.