New Trailer Expansion Beyond the Dawn for Tales of Arise talks about new quests

Bandai Namco has released a new Tales of Arise Extension Trailer “Beond the Dawn”, which presents some new additional quests that players can experience.

The description of the trailer says: “”Test many new additional quests, exploring the world after Tales of Arise, and help restore the lives of united people“.

Tales of Arise is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Steam. Expansion Beond The Dawn will be released on November 9.

I liked the game, but 1800r for DLS. If I take it, then only with a 50% discount.

She is already huge, when I thought that it passed it was only the middle of the OO

A very powerful DLC campaign will be. Finally, in the main hole of the main plot, they will put a bold point and still give an answer to the question: what happened to the planet and all these kingdoms? The original plot really lacked the sensible finale in which the consequences would show. Evil is defeated. But it seems like they did not show what all this led to. Separately, I will note in DLC quests for reconstruction of settlements. It is cool that the outfits will not only see the consequences of the final of the main story, but will also allow you to participate in the restoration of cities. And there you look, and the new villain will show up, who will need to win. Generally kayf! Waiting for a suit and no less.

It’s all of course great, but the price of 1800 per dls requires a cool level at least "Blood and wine". I don’t think they will pull this.

Why not pull? The main quality game is much cooler "blood and wine". I have no doubt that everything will be cool. Moreover, in the video showed a form of various types of quests and this tie is powerful.

Price? Well, we are waiting for seasonal sales and take a 50% discount. No one forces to take for the full cost of the release.

DLS? Wasn’t it time to make a new part?

And you are so sure that they do not do the next part? It does not interfere. DLC itself suggested, since mostly the plot did not show the finals of history. They did not give an answer to the question: but what nevertheless eventually became with the planet and its kingdoms? This DLC will put a bold point in the main hole of the main plot.

Well, ok, although I personally are too lazy to play and re -reprise

Outdated feces.
Although the game looks adequate in battle, but in the world the backdrops are shameful, not to mention interaction.
And besides sweet fairy tales, the game is technically dumbly outdated.
I see no reason to buy DLS for this, put on a signs of a triangle if you are straight from this.

Berserie was very good, but again stupidly in the plot.
Visually Last Remnant 2008 looks more adequate, and hempleno is very close to 8 finals of 1999.

They have there that there is no access to normal engines, textures and models? that the final box, what is it, what else is a bunch of games. Plastic empty world.. 2023, as it were.
Armodred Cor Great Game, of course, the plot was fucked up – but textures and models of secondary things to damage the damage PS1.
In general, mine is not to understand why the Japs stalled so in the opening of the arp of games.
There is a dragon Age, but the same curve Skyrim and t.D.