YouTuber Alexander Polyak denied the Bully connection with the GTA universe

Famous among fans of the series Grand Theft Auto YouTuber Alexander Polyak (Alexander Pole) released a video with a refutation of one of the largest franchise myths GTA, who claims that the Bully game belongs to the so-called 3D-united, which includes parts GTA, Starting from GTA III And finishing GTA: San Andreas, as well as dilogy stlase game Manhunt.

The myth rests on 5 main statements:

  1. Bully and GTA published by the same company – Rockstar, which connected GTA And Manhunt In one universe.
  2. IN GTA IV On TV, you can see the Bulvort Academy in which the Bully game takes place.
  3. NPC Bully Mention Liberty City from Manhunt and the director Lionela Starkvezer from Manhunt.
  4. In the mission Final Interview Niko Bellik mentions the Bulvort Academy in his resume.
  5. IN Bully There are cars from GTA.

Mentioning the connection of GTA and Bully on the fan gta wiki

Alexander went through each of the facts, bringing the arguments to them. So, for example, the fact that Bully And GTA published the same company does not say that these games are one universe, since Rockstar There were other major games that are not related to the universe GTA (Red Dead Redemption And L.A Noire). Moreover, in Bully there are no brands that were used as ASCETS in GTA And Manhunt and could be used again in Bully, which has a similar graphics style.

In addition, there is not a single mention of locations or characters from GTA in the game-instead of them, the characters of Bully mention Las Vegas (which is called Las Vincuras in GTA), Hollywood (named in GTA like Weinwood) and Brooklyn bridge from New York (which in GTA III called the Kallakhan bridge, and in GTA IV, which came out after Bully, The bridge is called Brookhevensky). On the maps of school lessons, there is also no mention of the States of Liberty and San Andreas, instead of which real California, Nevada and New York appear.

The appearance of the Bulvort Academy on Television in GTA IV YouTuber wrote off the convenient borrowing of personnel, mentioning that the name of the Academy was not said in the television program with direct text and referring to television shots from L.A Noire And Red Dead Redemption V GTA 5, which, as you know, do not belong to the universe GTA. Also, Alexander noted that information about the mention of the Bulvort Academy in the Final Interview mission from GTA IV is also not true: the protagonist mentions BulfOrdan Academy. The argument that the name of the academy was supposedly changed in Patch 1.14 was also destroyed by the fact that such a patch simply does not exist. And to make sure for sure the author of the video checked the unstressed release version GTA IV With PlayStation 3, in which there were also no references to the Bulvort Academy.

From the mentioned cars similar to transport from GTA Only Stallion and Regina cars turned out to be, which Alexander wrote off to the reference. The rest of the game’s transport has great differences from the car from GTA.