The restart of Saints Row was planned as the heir to the second part, but Deep Silver intervened in the development of the game

The storyline of the adventure action with the open world of Saints Row (2022), created by Deep Silver and Volition, supposedly had a different tonality until Deep Silver intervened.

YouTuber Flippy claims that the initially Volition planned to make the plot of Saints Row (2022) more similar to Saints Row 2.5, but the publisher of Deep Silver intervened, which stated that this would not have commercial success. Instead, they directed the game in a different direction, insisting that the plot of the game is more cheerful, with the participation of the company of friends.

The Volition studio was recently closed by the Matracer Group by the Matracer Group because of the lack of commercial success Saint’s Row (2022). If you believe the information provided by YouTuber, we can assume that the development team of the developers did not provide creative control over the game.

According to Blograea, Deep Silver ultimately determined the direction of development of her game. Volition wanted the plot of the game to be focused in the war between the gangs, but the publisher wanted the topic of the game to be devoted to friendship, which is significantly different from the previous parts of the series.

Flippy did not completely remove the guilt with Volition, saying that the developer is responsible for "Pushing" in Game "terrible" combat system. However, in their opinion, a large share of guilt lies with Deep Silver for setting a tone that the series has never been famous for.

Saints Row is an adventure game developed by Volition and published Deep Silver. It is a reboot of the Saints Row series and the fifth main part after Saints Row IV, published in 2013. The game was released on August 23, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Google Stadia. The plot of the game unfolds in the fictional city of Santo-Iles, inspired by Las Vegas. In it, four friends create a gang "The Saints" and expand their influence, selecting power from other criminal groups of the city.