The trailer for the new head of Dead by Daylight tolerates players to someone else’s planet

The 28th head of Dead by Daylight was confirmed as another original story, and an unlicensed new killer, survivor and the map will probably upset some fans of the horror game.

Historically, in the anniversary chapter that falls out for June every year, a licensed joint work is produced, for example, a pyramid -headed Silent Hill or the legendary Nemesis from the Resident Evil, which occupy a worthy place on our list of DBD killers, and the fans hoped for which -THO in the eighth year. One of the leaks suggested that the new Dead by Daylight killer would be a stranger, and, in truth, she was not mistaken.

The new original chapter instead will transfer Dead by Daylight to the previously unknown kingdom, since we will land on someone else’s planet and for the first time in DBD will experience the science fiction horror. Some of the early leaks and assumptions that in this anniversary part will appear "Stranger", turned out to be not entirely erroneous, since the new killer is a kind of biomechanical creature with excellent intellect, which turned against the human race.

Named "Singularity", The new killer is able to launch fleshy capsules that can stick to any surface – even to survivors. The singularity can project its consciousness into these biopods to explore the card and spy on the survivors, receiving valuable information. For the best context, we imagine that this mechanics will act similarly to Charlotte and Victor.

The new surviving name is Gabriel Soma, he was the last remaining man on this planet (so far, of course, the essence did not lure him into the fog). Being the first survivor with voice replicas in the trailer, Gabriel hints at even greater potential changes in the game, since so far only the dialogs have been in licensed characters. We already know that Nicholas Cage himself recorded voice remarks – as well as all his own grunts and groans – before his incredible and amazing debut as surviving in DBD.

Gabriel is an experienced technician, and his advantages reflect this: he adapts a set of tools to repair the generators faster. He also has a perk for reading aura and a perk that helps to protect himself from the killer, so he is a pretty good station wagon.

In the chapter "The end of the gear" A new item for survivors will also appear – Amy. Appearing on any map only when you enter into confrontation with the singularity, Amy works like the first aid spray of Wesker or boxes for cutting a pig’s jigsaw. Survivors can use AMI to detect and disconnect the biopods of the killer, as well as remove the effect of an exclusive effect for the singularity "Sliding stream". This effect occurs when in the survivor directly falls into a biopod, and allows the killer to teleport to the place where the victim is located. Unlike most other card items exclusive for killers, Amy disables not only your own sliding effect, but also the gliding effect of any other survivor.

The new killer and surviving in Dead by Daylight will appear on test servers on May 23, and Chapter 28, End Transmission, will be released on June 13, 2023.