Ghost of Tsushima budget amounted to only $ 60 million

Ghost of Tsushima was the most ambitious Sucker Punch Production project, which required more than six years of work from the studio. The Japanese adventure was released three years ago and received many positive reviews, including a beautiful open world.

She also inspired other studios to study the Japanese setting for the Western audience. Thanks to these advantages, the game received a reputation for an underestimated exclusive for PlayStation.

Although the game is compared with large AAA-Tailers of the last decade, its budget was small-only $ 60 million.

As the financial analyst from Sucker Punch Productions noted, the budget of this game was much lower than most of AAA Taytlov. This is a fairly great revelation, since Ghost of Tsushima seems to have all the qualities that fans are used to expecting games for PlayStation, and the studio offers a full -fledged samurai experience.

For comparison, the budget of games such as The Last of US Part 2 and God of War Ragnarok amounted to more than 200 million dollars. Despite the fact that they, of course, are distinguished by higher production indicators, magnificent decoration and thoughtful design from Sucker Punch Productions helped to get on one row with similar releases.

Judging by the statement of suhai Yoshida, this budget is closer to the cost of God of War 3, the games that were released in 2010. The budget of other games, such as The Witcher 3, amounted to about $ 80 million.

It took 170 million dollars to create a detailed game with the open world as Red Dead Redemption 2. This amount is also higher because Rockstar Games is a much larger studio than most developers.

Despite such a budget, the game was commercial success and sold around the world with a circulation of more than 10 million copies. Last year’s vacancies announcements also indicate that the developers are working on the game of the game for PS5.

After such success, it can be assumed that Ghost of Tsushima 2 will receive a larger budget.