Warframe developer shared plans for the near future

Digital EXTREMES held an exclusive TennoCon 2023 event for the press, where Warframe and Soulframe were represented. This year Warframe marks ten years. Users will receive a limited number of Heirloom Collection collections: unique skins for Frost and Mag, designed by the original art director Michael Brennan (aka MYNKI), and a completely new class of

The producer of Final Fantasy 16 explained the statement of refusing the numbering in the names of future franchise games

The producer of Final Fantasy 16 explains his previous statement that the franchise can abandon numbered names in future parts. In a previous interview given in May, the producer of Final Fantasy 16 suggested that in the future the Final Fantasy series can abandon numbered parts. It was reported that he discussed the possibility of

Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 released with new content and opportunities on the eve of the Free Fly event

Today, Cloud Imperium Games has released a new large update for Star Citizen, which brought new content and possibilities. Update under number 3.19 and name "Call to adventure" It turns out just two days before the start of Invictus Launch Week 2953, one of the largest events for Star Citizen fans. The new update includes:

Monolith Nemesis system can be used in future Games about Harry Potter and Mortal Kombat

System "Nemesis" From Monolith Productions, it may appear in future games about Harry Potter and Mortal Kombat. This became known from the announcement on the website Warner Bros. Discovery about finding a design director in WB Games, which will help the company introduce various systems from a wide list of games into the upcoming games

A new gameplay roller of the Life by You life simulator is presented

Paradox Tectonic has released an extensive gameplay video of its Life by You, promising competitor to The Sims from EA. The video shows practically "raw" gameplay performed by the head of the studio of the Khambla clan. Ten years ago, he worked in Electronic ATS, where ultimately he became the head of the whole direction

The release version of Modern Warfare 3 will include remakes of all cards from the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

While the Call of Duty fans community frantically discusses the price of the new Modern Warfare 3 game, the first details about its contents appeared on the network. Apparently, the developers from Infinity Ward and their assistants are going to revive the most popular cards among fans of the franchise for the network regime. According

Journalists were satisfied with Diablo 4 – on Metacritic at the game 88 points

Diablo 4 reviews are now available on the Internet and some publications have not yet set assessments, wanting to study some more components of the game before making the final verdict. On the other hand, some international publications preferred to speak out on this issue, and mostly opinions are very positive. The average assessment of