Users defeated Overwatch 2 in Steam

It is no secret that Overwatch 2 fans are not very satisfied with the course of developing the game since Blizzard has abandoned the original game in favor of its, possibly, of poor -quality continuation. This game almost constantly causes disputes, and fans seek at every opportunity to make it clear to Blizzard that they

Screenwriter Mass Effect explained why he left BioWare

Former Mass Effect screenwriter Mack Walters explained why he left BioWare after 19 years of work: several factors influenced his decision. In an interview with Minnmax, Walters said that the opportunity to work again in a small team and the desire to work on something new-these are the reasons for his departure. After 19 years

Enshrouded Role Game Gameplay shows battles

Keen Games has released a trailer that demonstrates the Enshrouded combat gameplay, a recently announced cooperative role -playing survival game. The first deep dive introduces players with the harsh and inexorable world of Enshrouded, which is filled with dangers among the ruins of the lost kingdom and miserable fog, which absorbed the world. Players must

Around the quick movements in Spider-Man 2, stormy disputes flared up and the technical director had to explain the details

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 uses the advantages of a solid-state drive PS5 for a very fast boot. Such a statement is repeated for almost every game on the current generation of consoles, but in the case of the game from the Insomniac Games, this is really the case. An example of this is a short video

The new video shows the upcoming games created as part of the PlayStation China Hero Project program

Today the Gematsu portal published a new video showing the upcoming games created as part of the PlayStation China Hero Project program. The video was shown at the recent Unreal Fest Shanghai 2023 festival, which took place from November 30 (Thursday) to December 1 (Friday) at Shangri-la Hotel Qiantan in Shanghai. Of course, all these

The developers of GEARS of War and Dishonored have joined the celebration of the “incredible” 30th anniversary of Doom

The developers get together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Doom, and recall their earliest memories of the classic FPS. Doom, if you can believe it, already 30 years old. This milestone was passed on December 10. To celebrate this event, the developers send messages with thanks and gratitude to doom in honor of

Atmospheric gameplay trailer for the interactive horror Silent Hill: Asceence

Genvid has published an official premiere trailer and key illustrations for Silent Hill: Ascension, and also announced partnership with Sony Picture Entertainment, in which the weekly plot episodes created under the influence of the audience will be released in the Sony Pictures Core appendix for the PlayStation 5 And PlayStation 4, Bravia Core application for