Users defeated Overwatch 2 in Steam

It is no secret that Overwatch 2 fans are not very satisfied with the course of developing the game since Blizzard has abandoned the original game in favor of its, possibly, of poor -quality continuation. This game almost constantly causes disputes, and fans seek at every opportunity to make it clear to Blizzard that they are tired of everything. The recent release of the game in Steam gave the players the opportunity to get acquainted with her, and you know what happened next – the fans took the opportunity to criticize the game again.

The game Overwatch has reached Steam today, and now it has "Mostly negative" User reviews (thanks PC Gamer). At the time of writing, more than 14,000 reviews were published, and the list of criticisms addressed to Overwatch 2 and Blizzard itself seems endless. Most of them contain complaints about the possibilities of monetizing the game or that Blizzard significantly reduced the PVE campaign in favor of individual missions.

The most popular review, which almost 6,000 people were noted as useful, belongs to the ORNGE user, who calls the game "an attempt to lure money from you, masking under the game that she was before". In this review, they call the Battle Pass system "joke" Compared to other games, it complains that the game is actually interesting, but "suffered from such intrusive greed".

This is not a completely unpopular opinion, which is confirmed by the amount of review support and thousands of similar reviews from other players. Even some positive reviews either ironically make fun of the game, or are simply grateful for the fact that they no longer have to deal with Blizzard launcher. There are those who consciously prefer to advertise Team Fortress 2, since there is a strange rivalry between these two games. Otherwise, these are just memes and NSFW-jokes.

It will be interesting to see if Overwatch 2 will be able to turn the situation with the audience, although at the moment Blizzard seems to be not going to stop there. The recent release of PVE mines, for which you have to pay $ 15, did not quite help remove the tension between Blizzard and its fans, and even new heroes cannot extinguish the eternal anger, which they seem to have a developer. Restoring relations with fans is not an easy, but Blizzard, most likely, this does not care, while she earns enough money.