Enshrouded Role Game Gameplay shows battles

Keen Games has released a trailer that demonstrates the Enshrouded combat gameplay, a recently announced cooperative role -playing survival game.

The first deep dive introduces players with the harsh and inexorable world of Enshrouded, which is filled with dangers among the ruins of the lost kingdom and miserable fog, which absorbed the world. Players must fight to survive, fixing their target, studying the attack scheme of enemies and blocking or fearing incoming attacks. As soon as the endurance of the enemy is completely exhausted, players can carry out a ruthless attack – a crushing blow that causes huge target damage.

Enshrouded offers a wide selection of powerful weapons for different game styles. Light weapons of close combat, such as swords, and heavy weapons of near -battle, such as hammers and axes, allow players to deal with enemies in close combat, and bows and various types of arrows allow you to attack at a distance. The wands are suitable for quick shots of spontaneous magic from a distance, and the stoves create strong magical attacks that are best suitable for groups of enemies.

Exploring the world, players will meet many different enemy fractions inhabiting the remains of the lost kingdom. Wild nature is dangerous, the inhabitants absorbed in the mysterious fog have turned into the fallen, the scaders are rushing around the lands, and wild animals pose a threat to everyone who dares to approach them.

Enshrouded Preparation and strategy are key. The use of buffs, food and potions, as well as an attentive attitude to the types of enemies is necessary to win more complex enemy camps. In addition, players can penetrate enemy avantists using a capture hook to climb the enemy walls, dig tunnels through their defense or surprise enemies from above, sliding into battle.

The combat demonstration also allows you to look deeper at the level system, craft and multiplayer regime. By gaining experience points, players can increase their level and get skills to unlock more movements or improve their abilities even more, which allows you to use many different assemblies. In addition, they can create and improve their own weapons and armor, as well as unlock additional privileges with special legendary equipment hidden throughout the earth.

Enshrouded supports up to 16 players who can unite on dedicated servers. Exploring the world in the group, players can treat, strengthen and even revive each other, challenging the numerous dangers of the lost kingdom.