Around the quick movements in Spider-Man 2, stormy disputes flared up and the technical director had to explain the details

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 uses the advantages of a solid-state drive PS5 for a very fast boot. Such a statement is repeated for almost every game on the current generation of consoles, but in the case of the game from the Insomniac Games, this is really the case. An example of this is a short video that you can see below. Or this one.

As you can see, you can (after unlocking) use teleportation to any point of the card and get to it in a little more than more. The choice of place takes more time than moving. Switching between two spiders also takes very little time.

Some users suggested that the authors hid the boot time for "A strip of confirmation" – She appears when the player chooses one or another place to move and some even asked the creators to remove this "Animation", to reduce the boot time even more.

Mike Fitzgerald, Technical Director of the Insomniac Games, answered this statement. The prolonged pressing of the button is only to improve the use of the card so that the accidental pressing of the button does not lead to immediate activation of teleportation. In fact, many actions in video games require a long -term pressing of keys, and this is always done in order to avoid accidental pressing.

The developer also noted that last month he himself proposed to remove this confirmation button in order to potentially avoid such accusations from the community. However, he was indicated that such a button is very important for the convenience of players.

In this case, the fact that the retention message serves to confirm the decision, and not about the hidden load. If someone wants to check this, he can pay attention to how quickly you can cancel this action. Last month, I raised the question of whether we should remove the option at all "retention for confirmation", Basically, in order to exclude the accusations similar to here. But I was rightly indicated that the presence of a confirmation window is important for the convenience of the player, which is ultimately much more important than "respect" in the Internet.