Baldur’s Gate 3 received a reward for the best plot at the Golden Joystick Awards 2023 ceremony

Baldur’s Gate 3 received a reward "For the best plot" At the Golden Joystick Awards 2023.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the best games of this year, in which hundreds of hours of a carefully designed narrative based on the world of Dungeons & Dragons. This is evidenced by the games that she bypassed to win this title. The full list of Golden Joystick Awards 2023 is below:

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 (winner)
  • The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
  • Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon
  • Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals
  • Pranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo
  • Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

This is a good set of master classes on writing stories, but none of these nominees can compare with Baldur’s Gate 3 in scale. Wherever you are on the correspondence diagram, from legitimate good to chaotic evil, the developer of Larian Studios wrote a story that will try to support any of your choice. In Baldur’s Gate 3, you will find magnificent side quests living away from the beaten roads, and the parts of the game, which will see only a small percentage of players, all this was worked out with the same thoroughness and attention as the main path.

This can be the beginning of a big evening for Larian Studios – Baldur’s Gate itself is nominated for five awards, additional nominations for the performer of the role of Astarion in the category "The best secondary executor", and also for Larian itself in the nomination "Studio of the year". This can be a phenomenal night for the game, which has become a phenomenon in itself.

I sincerely congratulate you, one of the best games in history received a well -deserved one, I will be sure many awards, including the game of the year, keep Larian so.

The game will take it 200%. There are not even close competitors this year.

And I am glad that it was not an empty year. Yes, many expected releases failed, but in the last couple of years, nothing came of my novelties personally.

The game really turned out to be beautiful

Like there are few nominees

There were competitors there for themselves. tc the plot itself in bg3 weak

Well, when compared with other SRPGs, for example, the bypass – then yes, but if you take only this year, it will quite go to the nominee.

In the Armored Core 6, by the way, it seemed at first it was boring in terms of the plot, but gradually imbued, although it was not immediately revealed, it is generally not big, but the presentation is good.

HZ what is there "powerful" The plot in the PasFainer, if which is the 2nd part, then I cried out since the cockroach attack that city with a dragon that lay down with 1 plum and further tutorial in the corridor dungeons of some mutants like that woman with spider legs (which can also be romanted. Lol, why? She is dumb).

So, in comparison with such masterpieces, the plot in the BG3 is not bad, compared to the same Tao it is not very, in terms of the fact that there are many inconsistencies and incomprehensible motivations and moments.

Well, if you have not passed far – this is understandable, the passfidder may not immediately reveal, but there you can romance many who, even take the succubus into a pati and, as the plot develops, turn it into a holy, if desired, if desired. There you can become the commander of the Crusade and make important decisions with the consequences from your bet, cooler than in DAI.

There are 5+ mythical ways of passage that can radically change everything

It is possible even with diligence, to become a god and at the same time as his companions to bother.

The scale and epic is much cooler than in BG3.

And that the dragon went down from the 1st plow of a cockroach is not surprising, because it was one of the Lords of the Demons, but then he can also be piled on.

I don’t know what epic is, this cockroach and miserable videos on the engine are not epic, like the walls of the text, that they dump NPS without voice acting, and their memories that are also in text.

After BG3 it looks like a fierce cheap. And even after Tao by the way, which from 2009. I honestly tried to play 2 times, this is not a game, sorry

Well, yes, in the Pasfainer, a living demigod, one of the strongest Lords of demons with a scythe from the bones of an ancient goddess kills an ordinary silver dragon that protects a supporting city, and then also breaks the whole city in half with one blow, which is amazing here. We just literally show us what we have to deal with and what scale of the Universe we have to touch. Then you scored on the plot, since you have apparently not passed further than the prologue. And the plot with the development of a bunch of characters, the secret intention of the main antagonist and the intrigue of the gods and demons, as well as the formation of the GG deity, you have not seen.

"The wall of the text" did not read, because you do not know how and do not want. Well, what about the plot to say, since give you a schedule and look at the bear.

Seriously, the plot of the BG3 and the PAZFINDER are two completely different values, the superiority in which is by no means the main favorite of this year.

And yes, the entire plot of the BG3 for two pure passage hours, all on everything, this is if only the main plot is taken, and not run the first lobes of the first Loki. The plot of the third part is simple and straight as a stick, any batch of a table is more authentic and more likely.

So the game received the prize for the plot purely due to the fact that there is nothing to choose from.

I do not argue that in many aspects of the BG it looks great. Gamley and variability of action in the game are simply gorgeous. But by the number of bugs that I had during the passage of this chic game, and by the option of reiglabiness that I happened to check – I can’t say that it was better or more interesting than the same Pasfainer.

The plot is weak, the reiglabiness is not particularly interesting, since Lenya did not go for the dark temptation, and the game for the satellites seemed to be some kind of trimmed and deprived of a large part of what the user character was for the game. The main plot is not very different, regardless of the choice of the player, since everything eventually comes down to one ending with only two specific finals options. We are a hero or villain.

Just think, the chapters of the game is a big soaring brain. Not an ancient lich with an army of the dead, not a lord of demons, and not even a dragon waking up from a dream. And the older brain. Yes, a very dangerous creature in the framework of the DND universe, but in fact we didn’t even fight with him, but simply conducted the right character to him and allowed him to finish the campaign on one length note. That’s all, not a long epilogue, nothing more specific. We are called a hero behind the scenes and we were such.

So it doesn’t even smell like a good plot here. It is maximum and within the framework that the game set quite acceptable.

Well, this is, the DLC Cyberpank was more interesting

This is the game where only 4 types of NPS and they only do that they wander around the streets back and forth, no matter what area and time of the day-there are forever both homeless people and striptrases and pimps and some vying women and holding them by the handle Guys, NPS who eat noodles in places where not a single eatery within a kilometer radius and TD and all this is repeated every 10 meters, and this is better? Seriously?

Yes, in a fucking GTA2, with a type of NPS from above, they differed in the districts in social groups. This is a fierce shame.

uh, I didn’t look at the game as you.

Well, just a game about an open type of world. And as if a competitor of GTA, Tes, RDR2, etc. Only there the world is made better, this is just the first thing that catches the eye.

It’s about today’s year, as it were, what RDR? I also liked the plot in Armodred Kore 6.

I talked about the world in KP77 no more

If the main plot was awarded, then, with all my love for the BG3, it can only be recognized on the Bezrybier, due to the complete absence of other games with an interesting and large -scale plot this year. BG3 is good soon by aggregate, it has many plot branches, memorable characters, pleasant little things. But the main plot, sorry, on the one hand – for some – so confused that on Reddit dozens created topics with attempts to explain the chronology and logic of events. Sven Vinka spoke about the intelligence of the players for nothing, because in order to recreate the background of the plot from notes, half of which players miss, and the second half contradicts each other, you must be real detectives. Especially "delight" The texts that make new details in history, but that none of the characters reacts to. So, for example, in one of the founders of the Gityanka, the devil, similar to Raphael, reports a certain Gitian mistress of the astral prism, from which we can conclude that Raphael himself once owned a prism, but gave her Vlavakit and helped to captivate Orpheus as part of some then transactions. On Orphea, even the chains are the same as in the hope in hell. The devil got a job well: he wants to – concludes Orpheus in a prism, wants to – frees, with someone else’s hands, and even demands a reward for this. But it is annoying that neither Orpheus nor Raphael in any way the found text is commented, and the player does not have the opportunity to ask about it. On the other hand, the plot is as unpretentious and straightforward as possible. Literally comes down to the song "We go to the city of Emerald, we go to the difficult road", – where, on the way to the city, the player makes a choice between stripping conditionally "Good" or "wicked" Parties, walks on a gloomy and deserted map with a flashlight, explores a couple of loved ones/hated by many dungeons and, in fact, in the city itself goes through mini-bosses to get to the final villain. The battle with which does not give discharge, because the whole game of the player with this villain has no emotional confrontation, he is not even perceived alive. Well, brain and brain. It’s like in the cyberpanic game to turn off some artificial intelligence. Against the background of this plot, it is not like the passfident, but even the previous BG2 still looks decent.

Deservedly without options.

Well, I don’t know) the presentation is not bad, of course, but in the aggregate complete banal. No effect "Wow" And desires "Go differently" No.