Capcom did everything right; Street Fighter 6 caused disputes due to an overly sexy outfit Cummy

The Street Fighter series has always been famous for its extremely thoughtful images of characters with very expressive features of physique, both male and female. But, apparently, for some people it became an insult.

Negative responses appeared on one of the characters of the game, namely on Cummy. The reason for everything is her classic sports outfit, which can be unlocked in the game, and which for some turned out to be too frank, too sexy, and in some cases does not look very appropriate at all, judging by less approving reviews.

But as it turned out, few people support this point of view and say that being a strong and sexy woman is not a crime at all:

The fact that the awakened game journalists are angry because of the original Cummy outfit suggests that they hate women. Women can be strong and sexy, this is not a crime;

If people do not like costumes for their birthday, then Capcom did everything right;

All these years they troll Cummy, and now they cry about this. I’m ready to swear that people just want to gain more views;

I’m even sorry for the person who wrote this article. She wrote the nuances, in fact, saying that she likes meager characters, but she believes that Kammi’s premium looks stupid and that he is suitable for sprites, but is not suitable for 3D, and gamers suddenly begin to rage. Why play players so much because of every little thing;

A new character for Grappler appeared in SF6, this is just a lady with muscles and body weight like a Zangiyat. What else do they need?;

A woman attractive and attractive in a video game? Oh God! But yes, they just get angry that she does not look like Abby.

Street Fighter 6 is already available to everyone, and is one of the most highly appreciated games in the series after Fiasco, which in 2016 befell Street Fighter 5.