The Talos Principle 2 Blood Trailer is full of enthusiastic press reviews

Devolver Digital has released a laudatory trailer with quotes from the press of The Talos Principle 2, which clearly prevails the highest grades.

Talos Principle 2 is one of the best games of 2023, and it really deserves a classic laudatory trailer with the media quotes, which reports some of the best reviews received by the game, and also shows the gameplay again.

Developed by Croteam, the same team as Serious Sam, The Talos Principle 2 is also very popular among gamers, given that 95% of almost 3,000 reviews received in Steam are positive.

The Talos Principal 2 is available for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

This is great. Unfortunately, there could not be enough complex puzzles (not on the surface). I can partially agree with this. But it just turns out that after the variety in the second part, the mechanic, the first part may seem boring. But playing the first, and then the second may not be enough hardcore. In the first part, the emphasis went to connectors and a deactivator. Then yes, added there "Under the record of copies", platform, bombs, turrets against were. The game gave the connectors the proper.

Then in 2 parts 4 of the card. In each of the parties, 3 transitions. In each crossing of 8 puzzles + 2 hidden + (gold gates, gold mystery).

In each transition, the new mechanics every now and then. either inverter, then walking on the ceiling, then holes, replacements. Yes, there were a deactivator, moving doubles, plates. But a bunch of new ones. And now the question is, but how it could be shown faster to introduce hardcore?

In fact, there are complex puzzles, or rather pleasant. I agree that it was possible to remove 15-20% of all puzzles and replace them with more complex. But complex – this means non -obvious, memorable, in order to think in the mind, and not constantly poking and overcoming. Thus, in each transition, it would be puffed up 3 lungs, 3 average and say 2 complex.

And the game did not force all 8 main to go to develop further in the next. transition. Well do not like it – go lost to go through. They also could be one average and one heavy.

T.e. Raise the level a little higher. Why didn’t they do it? Perhaps the reasons:

Very good DLC is expected to fix the material: D is the main game only the beginning, the trace. ideas really touched for DLC or 3 parts. I will say that DLC Geenna from the first part was not simple

2. Overload of them

24 on 4 = 96 main puzzles + 12 at the start of the game + 12 gold gate + gold puzzles +

24 lost puzzles are already going to the figure To 150 puzzles. The content of the game exceeds in 50 hours (with photographs, and you will agree that the places are beautiful, it is nice; to finish the gold, to be distracted by text games, a museum, Jerusalem to run away (although this is relatively quickly), communication with robots)).

As far as I remember, Croteam did not plan to continue the game. Well, yes, they also did not plan about Plaque Tale either and. Someone will say, but like these puzzles are not just overloaded the same type?

But again, everything is individual. You understand who knows what your experience is and how quickly you can decide. Nevertheless, I still refer to the first item – still ahead. And I will say that they really came across those that were caught on inattention around or were pleasant. Here is even a pancake "Elevation" with plates, such a banal. And that it was worth cutting from the game? But I remember well)

Yes, maybe the whole drop was not enough hardcore, but as for me unpleasant puzzles, there was no one at all in the game. Maybe they are not worthy to be in it? Create topics on the forum.

Yes, I saw puzzles that could be more developing. Why the second part is unlike the first, where it was possible to continue and get a star? Well, the second parts of the games develops ideas, but the game with a bunch of new mechanics (what they would not, but not call bad ones) cannot develop everything. In addition, the choice with the sphinx (its questions and answers) at least you can have time to replay by returning to CT or already in the trace. passage.

The game leaves many questions unanswered, giving you a choice. But still there is a call to humanity, the protection of nature.. Well, in the sense of such a message, although there are a lot of philosophical: team/one, development/completion-target. Still equivalent to more positive ideas than negative. Therefore, it is impossible to reproach it for manifestations of cruelty, which is confirmed by estimates. And to all the answers "Why?" And like this! Everything here. You are the last 1000 at the time of the start of the game and marked the end of the target. What will happen next – listen to you and depends on your choice. As I wrote in a review (if I praised the game somewhere there, then I pointed out that not without sin), the choice is a choice, but everything needs to be done according to conscience.

We will wait for OST, DLC =) maybe also a workshop, cards)