The Game Awards organizers faced a negative reaction for Dave The Diver nomination

2023 is coming to an end, and time comes the most exciting and contradictory part of the year – the battle for the title "The game of the year". Despite a few failed games, 2023 was full of such wonderful games as Alan Wake II, Spider-Man 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

However, not everyone is satisfied with the nominations, in particular, the unexpected nomination Dave The Diver in the category "The best indie game".

The host of the Game Awards and Veteran of the video game industry Jeoff Keighley declared this year’s nominees on a special live broadcast. Dave The Diver, along with four other games, will fight for the title "Independent game of the year" At the award ceremony.

As a rule, indie game is a game created by a small team without financing by a major publisher. In the absence of support, the team can freely create what it wants, although in the process of development it may face financial difficulties.

Mintroket is a team that created the Dave The Diver game, although it is a small group of developers, but is a subsidiary of Nexon – a corporation with billions of bills.

According to many, the inclusion of a game in the category "Indie" emphasizes the well -known problem related to the fact that the definition of the concept "Indie game" ceased to be clear. Fans noted that the inclusion of the game in the category "Indie game" looks extremely inappropriate due to the dynamics of its development.

Dave The Diver is not an indie game. This place was to go to Amnesia: The Bunker, Rush Cyberpunk, Chained Echos, or, perhaps, on something made by an independent company. Amazing incompetence! This is a very bad image for the brand.

Of course, all these reasoning do not cancel the advantages of the game, because, according to many players, it was made very well, but more and more questions arise for the organizers of the game show.