Genshin Impact turned 3 years old – the authors distribute intra -game gifts

Genshin Impact celebrated his third birthday: the game from Mihoyo was released on September 28, 2020. In honor of this anniversary, the developers presented a special video written, which reminded of the successes and achievements of players.

In addition to the video, the Hoyoverse studio has prepared more material awards for players to mark the anniversary of the game. In honor of this event, players will be able to receive festive letters within the game, each of which contains the following gifts:

  • 1600 units of stones of the source.
  • 4 units of weak resin.
  • Baby Octopus.
  • Portable aerodynamic device for generating gelatin bubbles.

In addition, at the moment there is an event offering awards for the daily entrance to Genshin Impact.

Give 4 gifts: 2 of them are Yuzles, the rest do not fit for anything, because the greedy gacha and the wretched drop of artifacts require much more resov))

Gacha is such a gacha

Fans will be unhappy and say, little?

So really little. Usually on such days, they stick fatcry cubs with some Rofl mechanics.
But not in this game

In fact, yes, it’s not enough, but not bad. 20 wings sometimes work miracles.

Rofl mechanics are tools.

Freebas are always few, no matter how much they gave. For people love freebies. Although in fact the gift is very worthy, if you count all this in a monetary equivalent. The same 1600 primogens cost a lot if you get. In fact, the gift is quite expensive, given that the game is free and players should not pay anything to play.

Uncle Liao, we burned you

How in this graphomanian hell people 20+ still play? The hope for the bright future of the game died with the release of the Inadzuma, and then everything is worse and worse .

We do not understand these people.

I barely closed the Inadzum. Polomer only strangled the kapets, both gameplay and stuffy text.

Uh, if this is for you "Grafoman", then some others "works" – Especially the Japanese game industry – in principle, it is better for you to avoid, because the brains of your ears will flow.

I am almost thirty and I am happy to read everything that is written in the Genshin. Moreover, the lion’s share of pleasure is brought precisely by communication with the NPC in cities, etc.D., Since from literally two or three phrases you can sometimes learn a lot about Laura or just hear some personal story of this particular character.

If you could not seriously penetrate the history of the same Jafar and Jekht (and her further line) in the manner or Katya and her brother and the general group of fatui in the fault, I don’t even know what you still need from the plots of games. I play all the AAA novelties and Genshin for me personally the best game of the current decade just in many ways because the story in it is both the main and secondary lines – just phenominal and the outburst of every year do not really stop surprising. Although everyone, of course, has their own.