Death Stranding overcame the mark of 16 million players

Without a doubt, we can say that Death Stranding is not a game for everyone, but a game with the open world from Kojima Productions, nevertheless, continues to attract a significant number of players since its launch in 2019.

In the message on the official website of Kojima Productions, announcing the cooperation of the studio with A24 over the upcoming Death Stranding film, the developer said that today the game has attracted more than 16 million players.

This number includes sales on PS5, PS4 and PC, as well as players who have joined the game via PlayStation Plus and access to PC Game Pass. According to the latest estimates, in November last year, the number of players on all platforms was 10 million, so the company retained sustainable dynamics on this front.

Continuation of Death Stranding for PS5 is also currently under development, but when it comes out, it is unknown. Kojima Productions also works on an exclusive horror for Xbox OD in collaboration with Hollywood director Jordan Pila.

Not a minute spared the time spent on this game.

I also liked the game, especially the plot intrigued, played 147 hours.

Hard. I was enough for 2 hours.

Well, everyone has their own tastes))), if there were such a plot in Elden Ring and Dark Souls, I would have passed them with great pleasure, but unfortunately, we all know how things are with him.

In Elden Ring and Dark Souls I was enough for 30 minutes.

Когда будет куча времени и вообще не во что будет играть возможно попробую,благо в EGS делюкс версию забрал.

I remembered, I almost built all the roads, I don’t remember how many years I did not go into the game, if no one was repaired, then there are roads there as in my city 🤣

A very good idea, But implementation, IMHO, It turned out on not really the level I expected, a good story, chic videos, very correctly selected music, but here is the game itself . light, even on very high level Difficulties in it There is no call, what would be, IMHO, It is extremely appropriate in the game of such a genre, the conservation system, more precisely, how it is arranged, does not allow this opportunity (call) to be realized, loaded from a slightly early stage and a veil, sad, poor economy of resource production, you get everything very simply and because of this is not because of this sensations of the veracity of the game world, but there is a lot of things that could be realized better. However, with all the disadvantages, IMHO, this is very solid, strong The game, but, the genius does not smell of it, from the word, completely, However, this applies to very many so -called PlayStation exclusives, which They are ascended into heaven not because they are magnificent, but by the fact that the exclusives of this platform, platforms, which also has a very peculiar user base, in many ways (not all of course) Turned on his exclusivity and ready to buy and raise any product into heaven, if only on it there was a cherished dick, PlayStation-Only.

This is probably those who launched. One of the few games for which it is better to watch playfilm.

I would not even advise so extremely. Crinjaths in Katszen are more than in the MGS or in all English and Indian bumps taken together. I don’t understand who for the first time came up with that Codzhimo is a genius? Or it has always been said with irony? Another such mediocre, pretentious nerd simply cannot be found. Even these of your Bondarchuki and Mikhalkovs compared to him the gods of cinema.

I think with irony.

*16 million autistic

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