Nexusmods banned the mod for Starfield, which allowed players to remove pronoun from the game

In Starfield, the creation of the character ends with the choice of his name and pronoun. At the time of the release of the game, many players were unhappy that the American company was trying to spread its culture in other regions. Therefore, a modification appeared on the Nexusmods platform very soon, excluding the possibility of choosing a pronoun character. However, this modification was quickly deleted

Nexus said that although removal of mod "is not a political statement or annexation to one or another side in the cultural war", She reserves the right "Do not place" Mod on your platform.

The placement of this mod was not for us, and we, of course, have the right not to post content on our platform. Is not "Political statement" And no "Closing to one side or another in the cultural war". We advocate the variety and inclusiveness in our community, and the elimination of diversity, although it attracts many, does not contribute to the creation of a positive modding community.

"Confirmation that it was the best line of behavior, the hatred, rage and threats of violence emanating from a very, very small minority of the community", – Concluded Nexusmods. "Honestly, we are not upset that they leave".

The opinions of gamers on this issue were divided. On the forums and social networks, as can be seen on the image above, some players decide to delete their accounts in protest. On the Reddit platform, many express the question: why players are not given complete freedom to modify their single games as they like, especially considering that there are many modifications on the Nexusmods platform, including sexual.

It is worth noting that this mod remains available for free download from our site.

Bethesda confirmed that a row will appear in Starfield "Requested by the community" functions, including NVIDIA DLSS support on a PC, FOV slider and others.

As described in detail on the Bethesda website at the beginning of the week, the studio first eliminated "Several basic problems" in a small correction issued on September 13, and now I switched its attention to various functions requested by the community that will appear in updates with "regular interval".