Oxygen mechanics, damage system and other details of the new Marathon shooter from Bungie

The creators of the famous Halo and Destiny series, Bungie Studio, presented her next ambitious project called Marathon in May. The developers again take up a first -person shooter and promise to bring an innovative look at the established PVP format with survival elements. Bungie is still in no hurry to disclose the main features of the project, but instead of them it will make an authoritative insider. Toned leakage author Tom Henderson shared the new details of the Marathon shooter, which he managed to learn from his own sources in the studio.

Marathon will use the familiar game process from Escape from Tarkov. During the match, a certain number of players will be sent to a location, where their main goal will be to search for valuable production and kill competitors. As Henderson notes, the shooter gameplay really resembles the famous Luta collection formula in Battlestate, but this game will have a number of significant differences and a completely different dynamics.

The main restriction for players in Marathon will not be the inventory or guns, but the lack of air on the planet where the events of the shooter occur. At the beginning of each match, players will appear with a limited reserve of oxygen, which should encourage players to action and constant movement throughout the map. If all the oxygen is consumed, the character will begin to lose health, but among the loot it will be possible to find oxygen cylinders and objects to restore health. Excess cylinders can be taken with you and applied already for a new sortie.

Since oxygen mechanics in Marathon is an important element of the game, the developers added an advanced damage system to the shooter. During the shootout, players can get damage to the oxygen cylinder, which can greatly accelerate oxygen consumption. In addition, the characters will be able to get various serious damage, for example, concussion.

According to the insider, through Marathon the Bungie studio seeks to give gamers "The perfect game-service" with high reigree and constant support, which will provide the project with content innovations.