The authors of the Russian RPG from the literary main “Troubles” answered questions about the release and the game itself

Authors of a historical roe "Troubles" We decided to answer various questions of the audience about their project.

Dear players! We bring to your attention an interview with the developers of “Troubles”, which was compiled on the basis of questions from the comments of our group.

  • The game is planned to be distributed through the VK Play site. Other options are not yet discussed;
  • The size of the card is "More than two square kilometers of detailed spaces";
  • They do not plan to add heroes from English fairy tales as game characters, but you can see some references to them;
  • There is no release dates yet;
  • The game is planned to be about 100 Kitszen;
  • You should not wait for an open world;
  • Development is located "in the middle of the journey".

It is good that there will be no less open world in development and there is more chances for a good game, although the merged build seems to have a hint to the open world

Well, for example, in the same Deus ex: Human Revolution there were very large locations, but there was no open world in the game. And it’s good when there is no feeling that you are crawling in the gut.

Even small open locations are like an open world too. Judging by the merged gameplay, I think the world will be similar to the one that we saw in the Witcher 2 (mini-open world). Well, that is, you go according to the plot on relatively open locations. And if you want to investigate them in more detail, then you are a little delay on the add.quests. Campaign inclaim makes something similar to a witcher 2. Well, at least it seemed to me.

For some reason, many people think that the open world must be huge. And I believe that an open world can be of any size. Even little – I’m waiting for him in unrest.

Well, to be honest considering that the state itself sponsored it for a very round sum, while it is poorly obtained.

Not surprising. All where they sponsul to saw several times that pennies fly to the addressee.

"English RPG from the literary main "Troubles" – This is how they said to advertise by order? Each news is so described.

The size of the card is "More than two square kilometers of detailed spaces";

Some kind of contradiction. Two square kilometers are not considered an open world?

100_000 rooms/locations of 20 square meters.m. are an open world?

Or if it’s quite simple. The rectum is 20m wide and 100km long – open world?)

The size in kilometers does not determine the openness or closeness of the world. An open world can also be made on locations of 300 square meters, as in a stalker for example. And you can make a whole huge metropolis as in the remake of the mafia 1, but at the same time there is no open world in the game of gameplay in the game. Crysis 1 is also huge, but there is no open world. And for example, the metro outcome of the cards is small, but, despite the small size, gameplay is very often felt as an open world, although this cannot be called the open world in the usual sense.

I judge by the merged build, there was a square card. Completely remake it, since they have already reached the middle of development. Can be divided into locations like in Dragon Age?

And a little pleases the exclusivity in contact.

Card 2 km?It’s very little that you can place there

They would immediately write that they would spread in a garbage bucket)

Well, they chose the font. At the first cursory glance I read like x ** that
So I remembered Kylinov with my tea! Ahahah.

The size of the card is "More than two square kilometers of detailed spaces";

For simple it is 2 WOT cards. 1/8 PUBG card. If you take into account that this is RPG, I hope that the developer was just mistaken with the number. Otherwise, this is even nothing for the browser, but there are forests, meadows and Novgorod.

Here’s a little for comparison

Well, if in the middle of the way, then 2024 is quite likely.

100% fale, forget on the third day after the release if it will take place. It is unlikely that anyone will be interested in a bicycle with square wheels)).

The next hat is hat. if it comes out at all)

I translate into English – millions have already been mastered and there is nothing besides technology. If "Indians" a year later they blind something in the form of a finished game, then investors will not beat us. but it is not exactly.

Minusators fell into your eyes of God’s dew? A quarter of a billion (. ) rubles have already been spent only on the clumsy concept of the game! The developers promise the same amount to spend to complete "project". And there at the exit there will be an indie tender penny. Remember this tweet as they say

I am worried about one question, was it really difficult to agree with the Chinese how Mundfish did it so that after there are no complaints that state departments are spent on the game, and not on more pressing things?

6 Lyamov bucks in the world gamer is a very small amount

heh, heh. In the world Gamestroy is undoubtedly.

but in a single pocket.

"The game is planned to be distributed through the VK Play site. Other options are not yet discussed;"
Yes yours. After all, I sincerely want to support, and they spit in exclusivity in you. I have to spit in response with a torrent. For they lifted it.

The absence of crutches is spitting at you, the boy has taken Steam, you can’t buy games in it, but the boy continued to eat and be indignant.

What a blatant lie.

But, probably, someone is quite comfortable in "store", where, at best, after a few years, several more than a few more normal games will appear, and then not a fact, of course, and then if it does not close. And the rest of the pseudo-games from their "Catalog for granushki grandmothers" This pelodal will be given.

I do not understand people who spit in their developments only because these of their develops want to make a release in the domestic service. You are not at all ashamed at all?

Although, probably, someone like you is very comfortable to risk and use "shops", which at any time can block. Are you really so sure that one day "west" will not block access to Steam and other stores? You will always be able to use crutches to buy games in Steam and all these crutch loopholes will never be covered? And will it be comfortable for you to sit in a comfortable Steam if the situation in the world exacerbates even more and once will announce sanctions "block all accounts created in the English Federation and Belarus"? And if something happens to the Internet cables at the bottom of the oceans? How will you download games from Steam? Internet message in the world can seem to be very easily violated and it is easy to easily lose touch with your "Comfortable" American service and the entire library of games in it.

Vkplay can also a curve, but at least it is controlled by their. So it is much more reliable for a resident of the English Federation and Belarus in the conditions of today’s situation in the world. Given that the Troubles are created on the state.The money of the English Federation, it is quite logical that at first the release of the game will be in the domestic service. But this does not mean that in the future the release on other platforms is not possible.