The Farm 51 announced CharnobyFull – the continuation of Chernobylite in the open world

The Farm 51 confirmed its plans for the coming years. The creators of the well -accepted Chernobylite no longer intend to develop World War 3, but instead focus on two other projects.

Chernobylite entered the PC in 2021, and in April last year, developers prepared publications for the current generation consoles. The Farm 51 did not confirm its further plans for a long time, but some interesting details have recently become known.

The FARM 51 revealed its strategy until 2026 – for a good start, the company does not intend to forget about CHERNOBYLITE, because in the first half of 2024 the publication of Ultimate will debut on the market, and the game will appear at Nintendo Switch at the line of 2024 and 2025.

The developers presented CharnobyFull – this is the working name of the project developed in the “Universe of Chernobylite”. The project will become a “post -apocalyptic role -playing game”, the action of which will take place in the open world. We will have to wait for more detailed information, but the authors have already mentioned, among other things, the great freedom of the gameplay, the development of characters and cooperation – the game can even get a multi -user regime.

The Farm 51 intends to release the game on the market in 2025, and the presentation will take place in 2024 – given that the company wants to develop CharnobyFull “Until 2026”, we can assume that the game will be available in early access. The game is created on Unreal Engine 5.

CharnobyFull will also be a longer adventure than Chernobylite (14-15 hours), which is undoubtedly very good news.

However, this is not the end, because The Farm 51 also works on Wardevil – a game is created under this code name that combines two genres: “military survival” and “stealth”. The project is currently at the conceptual stage.

The Farm 51 also confirmed the information about the World War 3 – the company sold the rights to IP and not only received money for the brand, but also receives a percentage of revenue from the game sales.