Inon Tsur has been working on Starfield for seven years, but he had only a few months to write music for Fallout 3

Inon Tsur – the author of music for such games of games as Dragon Age, Syberia, Baldur’s Gate and Fallout – gave an interview to the game portal. During the interview, the composer said that although work on the soundtrack usually takes several years, there were times when he had to work in the conditions of a really huge shortage of time. So it was, in particular, with Fallout 3, when Bethesda contacted the composer about four months before the end of work on the game. It is interesting that it is the music for the 2008 game that the CUR loves the most.

My first Fallout was Fallout Tactics. Fallout 1 and 2 were developed by InterPlay and Mark Morgan. Therefore, when Interplay turned to me during the creation of Tactics, they did it with a clear plan and intention, because they wanted the soundtrack to differ from the soundtracks of previous games. I created a very raw, shock, embossed soundtrack for this game, and then the game was finished, and I decided that Fallout was over. [. ] In 2004, Bethesda bought licensing rights to create games of the Fallout series. You know, all the compositions that I worked for Bethesda, I started cooking four years before. With the exception of Starfield, because work on it began seven years ago, in 2016. I took up music for Fallout 4 in turn in 2011, it was released in 2015, and Fallout 3? Well, they urgently contacted me about four months before the end of work on the game! I had to make the soundtrack very, very fast – I was very excited; If you listen to the soundtrack Fallout 3, you will understand that it was, in fact, my most important soundtrack of all Fallout. Because he created a new aspect of the sound landscape for Fallout, and, most importantly, he established the main musical theme. Fallout and Fallout 2 did not have.

If we take into account that the Tsur has been working on music for Starfield for seven years, then the creator has been able to contract and prepare the soundtrack with Fallout 3 in just a few months with great admiration and praise. Those who had the pleasure of playing Fallout 3 will surely agree that this did not affect the quality of work at all.